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GNR TECHNOLOGY is a production and engineering company that aims to provide quality service in Marine Electric Systems. Our company, which operates with more than 15 years of professional experience and knowledge, aims to offer advanced technology solutions, user-friendly and cost-effective products.

The main focus areas of GNR TEKNOLOJİ are projects prepared in line with the demands of our customers, panel and panel production, power distribution system projects are field installation applications.

Our company, which has internalized the total quality approach, offers its customers the knowledge it has created with this understanding, and has the understanding of creating a long-term working environment and ensures development, innovation and sustainability in boat electrical systems. adopted the principle.

Our Vision
To provide innovative, sustainable product and service quality by following the changing and developing technology.

Our Mission
To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and to be a solution partner with our user-friendly, cost-effective products and services that do not compromise on quality in the field of yachts in the Marine Electricity Sector.

Our Values
Our product and service activities; in line with our vision and mission, based on ethical values and legal principles, human-oriented, reliable, innovative and with the principle of continuous improvement.


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Experience, Collaboration and Solution-Oriented Projects

50mt Motor Yacht (BARBIE)-2015
50mt Motor Yacht (GOLDEN HORN)-2015
38mt Motor Yacht (Melissa)-2015
14mt Motor Yacht for Egypt (Hayama Chian)-2015
32mt Motor Yacht for USA (Andreika)-2016
15mt Tug Boat for Norway (Ayla)-2016
23mt MRPC*5 (Ares 75ft)(Alarm Monitoring System)-2016
34mt MRPC*10 (Ares 110ft)(Alarm Monitoring System)-2017
48mt MRPC*2 (Ares 150ft)(Alarm Monitoring System)-2018
44mt Motor Yacht (Destny)-2018
41,5mt HeySea Yacht for China (Electrical Project)-2019
38mt Motor Yacht (PICCOLO)-2020
32mt Motor Yacht (Andreika_IV)- 2020
44mt Motor Yacht (ABIDOS)-2021
32mt Motor Yacht (SPRITZ_102_06)-2021
38mt Motor Yacht (DRACO)-2022
12mt Motor Yacht (INDY)-2022
17mt Motor Yacht (ROMY 2) - 2023
35mt Motor Yacht (H2O) - 2023


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